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The Story of “Prevent the Preventable”:

Since its inception, the Centre has been constructing and promoting the concept of “people accumulating health,” with a special concern on diabetes, and the health risks of chronic diseases caused by three highs (high blood glucose, high lipid, high blood pressure) and obesity. After deliberation, we decided to take “Prevent the Preventable” as the core, complementing by the strategy of accumulating health – “Guard Your Health” and “Manage Your Diseases”

On the “Prevent the Preventable” Facebook page, our medical team promotes the ways for accumulating health, helping you learn and understand the health tips with no difficulties. 


HK Diabetes Specialist Centre

Short Film

“Prevent the Preventable” (Full Version)

HK Diabetes Specialist Centre

Short Film

“Prevent the Preventable” (Abridged Version )

“Prevent the Preventable” From Huangdi Neijing (Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor)

The concept refers to learning the root cause of diseases, then lowering the morbidity, or the aggravation of the diseases by preventive treatments. 

At the Hong Kong Diabetes Specialist Centre, a group of notable specialists with sufficient clinical experience in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, and a professional management team, will exercise the perspective of “Prevent the Preventable,” in devoting themselves to provide customized health management services for people with health risks, prediabetes or diabetes. Our professional team will advise our clients with analysis based on their health conditions. We aim at helping our clients better control and manage their health by themselves through understanding of the blood glucose change.    

The Hong Kong Diabetes Specialist Centre applies the concept of “Prevent the Preventable” in two major levels.


Two Major Levels

Level 1

Avoid Metabolic Syndromes

The key to keep healthy is to “guard your health” first by avoiding the high risk factors for metabolic syndromes, namely, high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high lipid/ lipid abnormalities (“three highs”) and central obesity. The risk of having cardiovascular diseases or diabetes for people with metabolic syndromes is five times higher than ordinary people.   

The Centre is the first team to formulate a preventive strategy against “metabolic syndromes,” helping you manage and reduce multiple risk factors to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

Level 2

Prevent Diabetes Complications

For people with diabetes who fail to properly manage their health, the constantly high level of blood glucose may result in macrovascular and microvascular complications, and disrupt the nervous system.  Multiple organs could be affected, and the following acute and chronic complications may occur:  

Acute complications: 

  • Hyperglycemia diabetic coma
  • Hypoglycemic diabetic coma

Chronic complications: 

  • cardiovascular disease (heart disease, stroke) 
  • microvascular and nerve disease (leading to kidney failure, or commonly called diabetic kidney disease) 
  • retinopathy (commonly called diabetic eye disease), cataract and glaucoma, causing blindness
  • poor blood flow in feet and neuropathy; infection, ulcer, or gangrene may cause amputation (commonly called diabetic foot)

People with diabetes need to “manage their disease.” The Centre’s medical team will help clients prevent diabetes-related complications through professional diagnosis and follow-up checking. All clients will be provided a customized treatment program to ensure a quality of life, with an assistance in taking the right dose of medications at the right time, maintaining healthy eating, doing exercise, and monitoring blood glucose in their daily routine.